SonFlow building with logo

Welcome to SonFlow

New brand name signalizes new missions, that we as a company want to focus on process technology, energy and environment.

SonFlow A/S works hard to ensure the philosophy of innovation and advancement by delivering best in quality products and good service – as customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive our best to safeguard the environmental processes and adapt modern friendly approaches both in product design and production processes. 



By 2020, SonFlow will launch plate heat exchangers as a complementary product to DanPumps centrifugal pumps, which will open new markets - our pumps will still be marketed under the brand name DanPumps, and plate heat exchangers under SonFlow.

The engineering team of SonFlow is working within new designs and customized process equipment's based on many years of experience. We are ISO 9001-2015 certified and provide heat exchangers and pumps to all industries - we are continually expanding and diversify the business responding with innovative high-quality products and services.

SonFlow has specialized itself in the manufacturing of centrifugal pumps within all industries and plate heat exchangers to be used in thermal processes.

In 2018, we opened our new factory with new top modern and professional facilities for assembling and testing our equipment's.

SonFlow production

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