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STF's annual exhibition in Kalundborg 12th of May 2023

STF's annual exhibition in Copenhagen 3rd September 2021

SonFlow A/S is set to participate in the annual meeting of the Sewage Technical Association in Denmark, on the 12th of May 2023. The Kalundborg Wastewater Treatment Plant will host this year's event, and you can find us at our outdoor stand, number 14. Our experienced technicians will be available to provide you with more information about our pumps and plate heat exchangers.


We offer a wide range of powerful pumps that are specifically designed to handle even the most challenging tasks at sewage treatment plants and wastewater utilities. At our stand, we will showcase our well-known wastewater pumps, including the S-WP submersible pumps and the S-WN dry-installed pumps. We also have a variety of impellers, allowing us to customize the pumps to meet our customers' unique requirements. One pump we will highlight is the S-WN mounted with a knife impeller, which is perfect for dealing with high levels of organic material, such as in fish farming, biogas plants, and abattoir.

Additionally, we will present our Free Flow plate and a plate heat exchanger this year. More and more wastewater treatment plants are focusing on the environment and recognizing the significant potential of energy from hot wastewater. With our plate heat exchangers, we can recover the heat from the purified wastewater for sustainable heating.
Read more about wastewater for sustainable heating here


We invite you to stop by our stand to enjoy some refreshments and chat with our skilled technicians. You can find us at outdoor stand number 14. 


Friday 12th of May at 9-15


Kalundborg Renseanlæg
Dokhavnsvej 15
4400 Kalundborg

Products for STF annual meeting


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