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Subsidiary in Middle East & Africa region


We are pleased to announce that Reny Thomas has joined SonFlow as a Director for the Middle East & Africa region. This will be another important step in strengthening our team and bringing us closer to our valued customers. SonFlow is committed to ‘growth’, by creating value for our clients through innovative engineering and highly efficient designs.


SonFlow offers a complete range of highly powerful sewage and wastewater pumps in a variety of sizes for a wide range of applications such as industrial, wastewater, marine and sanitary use including spare parts requirements, which is sold under the brand name DanPumps.

  • High pump efficiency
  • Non-clogging impellers
  • Life-long reliability
  • Designed for easy maintenance 

We also have highly efficient heat exchanger designs in our portfolio for industrial, HVAC, marine and sanitary applications.

Our units are engineered and designed to meet specific temperature demands and capacities. Depending on the type of fluids used, SonFlow gasketed plate heat exchangers are available in a wide range of plate materials including stainless steel, titanium, and nickel to ensure corrosion resistance.


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