From wastewater to sustainable heating - Utilize excess heat with a plate heat exchanger

From wastewater to sustainable heating

Would you like to leverage the potential
of using wastewater for heat recovery?

An increasing number of wastewater treatment plants are prioritizing environmental concerns and recognizing the significant energy potential of hot wastewater. With our plate heat exchangers, you can recover heat from treated wastewater and convert it into sustainable heating.

The plate heat exchanger transfers heat from the wastewater to a glycol circuit. The glycol is heated while circulating through the plate heat exchanger and then transferred to a heat pump. Specially designed plates ensure that the two circuits remain separate, enabling heat exchange between the fluids.

This technology is an efficient and sustainable way to utilize the heat from wastewater and convert it into usable energy. By extracting energy from the wastewater, the temperature of the water decreases. This also has the advantage of contributing to a healthier marine environment, as the discharged water has a lower temperature.

SonFlow’s Plate heat exchangers are designed to be efficient and reliable, with a low payback period.



Glycol circut for sustainable heating


Free Flow heat exchanger for sustainable heating

Free Flow plate heat exchanger

SonFlow’s Free Flow exchanger series is an excellent choice for wastewater treatment applications. The deep channels enable highly viscous media to flow unobstructed. Our unique Free Flow plate pattern minimizes the risk of clogging and fouling, ensuring reliable operation. The Free Flow plate heat exchanger series is designed with a focus on high efficiency and operational reliability.

Find more information about our Free Flow plate heat exchangers here

Free Flow plate pattern

Free Flow plate


Traditional PHE for sustainable heating

Traditional plate heat exchanger

If the wastewater has been cleaned and is free of particles, a traditional plate heat exchanger may be the optimal solution. Designed to handle large volumes of wastewater, this type of heat exchanger enables high efficiency and increases energy efficiency in the heat treatment process.

Find more information about our traditional plate heat exchanger here

Traditional plate pattern

Traditional plate


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