Sanitary S-FP pump

Sanitary food pump

DanPumps offers a line of sanitary stainless steel pumps designed for cleanability and to meet the requirements of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with a flow rate of up to 100 m³/h.

The centrifugal pump is designed for Cleaning In Place (CIP) and offers exceptional hygiene levels, which is ideal in industries where hygiene is of utmost importance. All the S-FP pumps have been designed in accordance with EHEDG requirements and a surface roughness less than 0,8 Ra, ensuring that nothing sticks to the inside therefore bacteria contamination is avoided. 


  • EHEDG Certification
  • CIP: Cleaning In Place
  • Equipped with a cartridge seal
  • Balanced impellers
  • Supporting leg designed to grant support during operation
  • The low NPSH guarantees good suction capacity
  • Low noise level
  • Easy switch from single to double mechanical seal
  • O-rings


When designing the S-FP pump, the main aim was to obtain an easy service of the pump – a fast and simple change of the seal is possible without special tools, which will reduce the maintenance costs. The pumps are designed to work within -20° -> 140°

EHEDG certification for sanitary pumps
  • DAIRY PRODUCTS: Unpasturised milk, whey, cream, skimmed milk, concentrated milk, concentrated whey
  • FOODSTUFFS: Egg products, vinegar, animal and vegetable oils and fats
  • NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Syrups, fruits juice, concentrates, must
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Liqueurs, wine, sparkling wine, beer
  • SUGARY PRODUCTS: Liquid sugar, treacle, starch solution, glucose
  • BIOTECHNOLOGY: Cellular suspensions, enzymes, nutrients solutions
  • BREWING: Malt and water mixing, malt must, yeast
  • CHEMICALS: Solvents, detergents, basic solutions, alkaline solutions, acid solutions
  • PHARMACEUTICAL/COSMETICS: Infusion solutions, lotions, plant extracts, perfumes



Semi-open impeller

All pumps are optimized according to the wished duty point. 

This electro-polished stainless steel impeller is suitable for both low-viscosity and particle-containing pumped liquids.

An impeller optimization is carried out in order to improve the efficiency and performance of the centrifugal pump.

Holes through the impeller serves to equalize pressure on both sides of the impeller.

Volute casing

Adjustable outlet 360º 

The unique design ensures that the outlet can be freely mounted 360° in all directions which makes it easy to fit into any installation. The volute is mounted into the pump house ensuring a minimum risk of errors.

The volute is built into the pump house behind the impeller. This ensures a low NPSH and a low noise level. A low NPSH level ensures a careful handling of the media being pumped.

Volute & impeller

Volute placed behind the impeller

The volute is behind the impeller and the forces from the impeller will not inflect the volute. This ensures a more steady process and a continuous speed of the media being pumped.

Mechanical seal

A user-friendly cartridge seal that makes it possible to change the seal without using any special tools or personal with specific skills, which eliminates any risk of improper installation.


  • Single mechanical seal: water, beer, milk and other non sticky liquids.
  • Double mechanical seal: sugar, syrup and other sticky liquids.

The cartridge seal can be a single or a double mechanical seal. The double mechanical seal is designed as a flushed seal in case preventing the pump from running dry to cope with the tendency of crystallization and carbonation. 

To simplify the spare parts inventory our pumps share the same mechanical shaft seal - together with the easy service it reduces the maintenance costs.

Impeller, back plate & motor frame

Primarily designed for CIP (Cleaning In Place)

  • Designed according to the EHEDG requirements
  • Improved surface roughness less then 0,2 Ra, best in class surface ensures efficient and easy CIP cleaning

CIP (Cleaning in Place)

Cleaning in place is an ideal cleaning system in industries. Without dismantling any equipment, tanks, pipes and entire process lines can be efficiently cleaned.

When the fluid runs with a continuous speed and the product has no dead pockets the product can be considered sanitary. CIP pumps are, however, usually electro-polished to make sure that no residues stick to the inside.


The conical jacket

Inner and outer walls polished to meet the level of dairy hygiene standards. 

  • The conical jacket design ensures that all water will run off the pump after cleaning.
  • The fully welded jacket ensures a tight and long-lasting pump.
  • The legs of the pump are fully adjustable giving the pump maximum flexibility.

High-efficiency Motors & Flexibility

DanPumps only uses electrical motors from first class suppliers.

The electric motors are manufactured according to international standards regarding IEC 60034-30 and are fulfilling the requirements of the EC Directive 2009/125 (eco-design for energy-related products).

The shaft and back plate design makes it easy to change to a bigger or smaller norm. motor, if the pump duty should be changed. This makes the DanPumps S-FP pump the most flexible pump on the market.


Rubber types:

  • EPDM - max. heat 130 °C
    Durability: 5-10 years
  • Viton - max. heat 210 °C
    Durability: up to 20 years

EPDM: Synthetic rubber – good for hot water and brake fluids (based on glycol).


Viton: Fluorocarbon – excellent resistance to high temperatures and a broad range of chemicals.

Supporting leg

Designed to stabilize the pump during operation and service.

The legs are adjustable, which makes the pump very flexible. The surface roughness is also less than 1 Ra, therefore the legs are suitable for sanitary pumps. 

Low noise level

Gentle product processing and low noise level – measurements have been carried out in accordance with ISO 3743, Grade 2 and ISO 3746, Grade 3. Tolerance: ±3 dB.

The volute is built into the pump house behind the impeller. This ensures a low NPSH and a low noise level, therefore a careful handling of the media being pumped.


EHEDG: Hygienic design of pumps

Sanitary food pump

Our centrifugal pumps are suitable for CIP (cleaning-in-place) and offer exceptional levels of hygiene. All have been tested in accordance with EHEDG requirements. In addition to gentle product handling and a wide range of hygienic features, they provide a long and trouble-free service life that ensures low cost of ownership.

  • Fast cleaning and no contamination
  • Minimum of downtime
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Low shear
  • Reduced amounts of cleaning chemicals because of shortened cleaning cycles
  • Easily exchangeable mechanical shaft seals
  • Quiet operation
  • Capability of complete emptying
  • Cost reduction owing to less energy consumption
  • Water consumption reduction

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