In-line/Marine S-IP & S-MP Pumps

Marine pump applications

DanPumps offers a range of high-efficient inline pumps. The inline pump is one of the most used type of pumps in many different market segments such as marine, general industry, HVAC, fish farming and firefighting systems - the best pump choice for lower viscosity (thin) liquids and high flow rates. 

The range of inline pumps covers up to a flowrate of 650 m³/h from connection sizes DN40-DN250. With this range of pumps, we can offer pumps to most of the requirement there is on the market. Available with 2 gauges for M160/M180 motor.



Our inline pumps come in two different designs SIP/SMP and the SIP-2L/SMP-2L, which type of pump to choose depends on the application and the flowrate.

We will explain the difference between the SIP/SMP and the SIP-2L/SMP-2L, as well as other unique factors of DanPumps inline pumps. 



  • ATEX approved (optional)
  • Different impellers designed to each pump
  • Easy to install and maintain due to the pull-out design that facilitates quick access
  • High-efficiency motor
  • Directly coupled to electric motor
  • Suitable for almost all indoor applications due to its low headroom requirements
In-line pump


Easy service

The motor and the top part together with the impeller of the pump is removed in one go and thereby full access for servicing the pump.

This feature is very popular according to the service staff, as it reduces the maintenance time.

This gives you a user-friendly pump with a long-life cycle.


See animation

See animation

SIP/SMP In-line Pump

Two types of in-line pumps: it is a single stage vertical centrifugal pump. Designed according to ISO 2858, the SIP/SMP is the choice for smaller flowrates.

The SIP/SMP pump type is one of the most used pumps on the market in almost all market segments. The SIP/SMP pump is the right choice for a price competitive solution.

SIP/SMP In-line Pump

Coupling between the IEC standard motor and the rotating pump part.

There is a direct coupling from the IEC standard motor and the rotating pump part - it means that the design of the pump is based on minimum wear of the spare parts.

SIP-2L/SMP-2L Inline Pump

It is a single stage vertical centrifugal pump. Designed according to ISO 2858, the SIP-2L/SMP2L is the choice for bigger flowrates and heavy duties.

The SIP-2L/SMP-2L pump is the right choice for all market segments, especially when the requirement is a sturdy design and demanding duties that needs to run 24/7.

SIP-2L/SMP-2L Inline Pump

Coupling between the IEC standard motor and the rotating pump part.

See also elastic coupling

There is not a direct coupling between the IEC standard motor and the rotating pump part. The pump has a robust double bearing design, and with this design the pump can run effectively 24/7.

Flexible coupling:

As an additional protection of the SIP-2L/SMP-2L pump is the elastic coupling between the IEC standard motor and the rotating pump part.

The design of our flexible coupling causes gentle operation of the pump and thus prolonging the lifetime of a pump. The design of the flexible coupling is absorbing vibrations and minimizes disparities when transferring the power from the electrical motor.

Material choice:

When selecting the material of the pump – it is important to look at the possibility of corrosion from the fluid that flows through the pump.  

Our inline pumps have the following material specifications:

The impeller

The choice of impellers, which are in bronze, depend on the flowrate and pressure that the pump is specified for. 

The unique designs of our enclosed impeller types are made in three different versions: high, medium and low flow impellers.

We can cover a big working area with the same pump, and we customize the diameter of the impeller to keep the high efficiency of the pump and ensures a low NPSH value, thereby saving energy consumption. 

Wear ring

Replaceable ring that is attached to the pump house.

The wear ring protects the impeller and the pump house from wear. It provides a replaceable wear joint, therefore the impeller is saved from erosion and prevent leakage losses across the annular path between impeller and wear ring.

Double mechanical seal

While the pump is operating, the liquid could leak out of the pump between the rotating shaft and the stationary pump casing.

The mechanical seal prevents leakage and keeps contaminants out - mechanically maintaining fluid in the “wet end” of the pump. 

The goal is to successfully prevent leakage all while giving you the best longevity for your application. 

  • Seals a pump shaft while allowing it to rotate
  • Mechanical seals allow a minuscule almost drop by drop leakage past the seal face to lubricate it to slow seal wear
  • Choosing the right seal is very important

Base plate

The pump is equipped with a base plate with fixation holes for easy installation of the pump.

Pumps must be properly secured to their base plates, which in turn must be well-bonded to the underlying foundation. 

High-efficiency motors

DanPumps only uses electrical motors from first class suppliers.

The electric motors are manufactured according to international standards regarding IEC 60034-30 and are fulfilling the requirements of the EC Directive 2009/125 (eco-design for energy-related products).

All motors are standard IP55, prepared for drain holes. Higher protection class on request. All motors are delivered with blind caps in the terminal box.

Beside the standard motor we also supply the pumps with Explosion Proof motors for all classifications and different zones.

Space heater is standard in motor size 160.

ATEX approved is optional.

Two gauges

Available with two gauges.

The two gauges are the "eyes" inside the pump and often used to monitor the system performance. 


In-line pump with gauges
  • The pumps are all single-stage, in-line centrifugal volute pumps with standard motors.
  • Highly suitable for the marine and industry sector from high salinity to fresh water, high temperatures to low temperatures.
  • Commonly used for chilled water and hot water circulation in commercial buildings.
  • The pumps are widely used in homes and commercial building hydronic heating systems, domestic hot water circulating systems, and HVAC chilled/heated water systems.
  • The main advantage of this pump configuration is the floor space savings that this creates.
  • The in-line pumps are close-coupled, meaning that the pump and the motor are separate units - the pumps are less sensitive to impurities in the pumped liquid.
  • A secondary advantage is that the piping is simplified, since the piping does not have to change direction.
  • Water flow that needs to be pressurized. 


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