Sludge S-WS pump

Sludge sewage pump applications

The DanPumps S-WS is a high-efficient low weight submersible sludge pump built in aluminum and cast iron, which is powerful and ensures heavy duty industrial strength and high performance, but still light and highly portable due to its slim design – suitable for pumping sludge and water mixed with solids, which can operate in every position, vertical, horizontal or upside down. The robust design provides a sturdy pump for rough conditions -  the ideal choice for plug-in operations with motor protection and is ready for use when delivered on site.

Whether you work in mining, tunneling or construction, this pump is your best insurance against waterrelated downtime. From purchasing to service, you can turn to DanPumps for dewatering solutions that make a difference in the real world.


  • Max. submersion 20m
  • Max. liquid temperature 40°C
  • Max. medium density: 1100 kg/m3
  • Limitations pH 5-8
  • Classification IP 68
  • Variety of discharge connections
  • Motor protection: Build-in thermal switches in the stator windings (140°C, ±5) connected to the build-in contactor
  • Reliable and powerful
  • Extreme high wear resistance ensures years of cost-efficient pumping
  • Serviceability with modular design
  • Built in float switch as an option
  • Auto stop at high amperage and high motor temperature


Drawing of a sewage pump
Sewage pump specifications




The impeller

Slurry applications can be especially hard on the impeller of your pump because of their abrasive nature. 

The pump is designed for pumping water containing solids and sludge. The impeller used is a vortex type, and with this design we can ensure a clog free working of the pump.

Electrical motor

The electrical motor is the heart of the pump, therefore is are we only using first class suppliers to ensure a long and problem free operation of the pump.

The motor is protected by a thermal switch in the stator windings to ensure that overheating is avoided.

Sturdy handle

Due to the low weight makes installation and operation easy. 

Sturdy handle for easy manual or mechanical lifting.

Seal casing

A user-friendly seal casing that makes changing of the seal easy and without using any special tools or personal with specific skills.

We have done the work for you - all-in-one to provide simple sealing solution and ease of installation. The service time for seal changing is reduced compared to a normal double mechanical seal. 



NBR-rubber: a simple standard o-ring for easy service

Float switch

Built in float switch as an option. A cost-effective level control to reduce and maintain water.

An installation for automatic level control where the level is changing quickly or in other installations to reduce excess wear and power consumption by avoiding that the pump is working on snore, without water. 

  • Precise level control
  • Protection against dry running
  • Energy save mode (energy is saved through stopping at dry run and starting by level sensor)

Submersible pump cables

H07RN-F cable

  • Tough & flexible cable
  • Excellent moisture, abrasion & weather resistance
  • Safe, reliable and power saving
  • Available in 20m


As an option: RS PRO SY screened cable


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Sludge pump features generate higher upfront and operational costs compared to wastewater pumps.
  • Sludge pump is widely used in mining, power and chemical industry with high abrasion resistance and long working life
  • Handles very abrasive liquids of all types
  • Fully interchangeable wear parts
  • Due to the impeller, large solids can be passed without clogging and relatively little impeller wear occurs