SonFlow Condenser/Evaporator

SonFlow Condenser and Evaporator are designed to condense low-pressure vapour and evaporate duties. The unit is ideal for the food, sugar, biogas, pulp and paper, mining, petrochemical, chemical and alcohol industries.

  • Handling of duties where there is a big difference between the hot and cold side.
  • Especially developed plate pattern for condensing/evaporation of low pressure vapour.
  • High thermal efficiency.
  • Reduced risk of fouling due to the turbulence on the cooling water side.
  • Reduced pressure drop.
  • Optimized effective area due to the genius design.
  • Extension from DN800 to DN1000.



Drawing condenser flow

The asymmetrical design ensures optimal condensation conditions, with a large inlet for vapour and a smaller in- and outlet for cooling water and condensate.


  • Dairy/food/beverage industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Biogas industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Mining industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Alcohol industry


  • Design pressure: 0,6 mpa
  • Design temperature: 180˚
  • Designed for CIP-Cleaning
  • The gasket design makes it more cost effective
  • Easy cleaning of both circuits (no welded plates)


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